Icar Services offers a parking valet service in Paris and France for all your events (parade, launch evening, preview, seminar, wedding, bar mitzvah, …). Provide your establishment with a prestige service and give character to your event. From hotel to spectacle dinner, our services combine know-how and professionalism to reach the highest levels of requirement.

We study your needs in their smallest details in order to deliver a high-end valet parking. They range from the choice of the place where to park your guest’s vehicles, to the specific instructions you’ll share with us, we’ll provide perfect execution. Our services may be occasional or long term.

Our chauffeurs are trained and well-experienced in order to ensure an impeccable quality of service : courteous and discrete. They are perfectly bilingual, speak several languages and handle perfectly international clientele.

The parking valet greets the client and is responsible for finding a secure parking space to park the vehicle. He’s permanently available, and the restitution of the vehicle will follow the guest’s request. 

As a complement to the parking valet service, Icar Services proposes a concierge service, in order to make your evening perfect and to offer your guests a unique experience.

Other services may be added: porter, doorman, security service.

Icar Services know-how:

An optimal professional liability insurance that guarantees you total security.

Well-experienced parking valets, trained to meet the highest requirements.

A single person in charge, always available and responsive.

Flawless outfits.

Automatic provision of greeting equipment.

Strict compliance with legislation and laws concerning the responsibility of companies calling upon subcontractors. 

Prices from 26 euros, excluding taxe.

Event valet parking services in Paris and France

If you are planning a special event and would like your guests to have a wonderful time and to be welcomed and valeted in style, you may be interested to learn about Icar Services parking valet services. All types of special occasion are covered, such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, conferences and launch evenings. A valet service always adds a sense of prestige and glamour to any event and will make your guests feel extremely welcome. After all, trying to find a parking space in an unfamiliar area and then having to walk back to the main reception, possibly in the rain, whilst wearing high heels is never a good way to start the evening!
Icar Services ensures that this is a scenario that will never be experienced by your guests, thanks to the expertise and professionalism that regularly exceed the expectations of the most exacting of clients. 

First class parking valet service 

Before the event, we will take care to check the tiniest details so that you can be confident of providing your event with a valet or chauffeur who is fully conversant of everything needed to provide a first class service. Such details might include the choice of a safe and secure parking place or the provision of meet and greet tickets, VIP tickets or other types of priority pass. Whatever the nature of the demands you require of us, we can respond with a high degree of flexibility and you can be sure that a uniformed valet will be there on the day ready to meet you and your guests in style. 

All the chauffeurs employed by Icar Services are selected for their professional qualities. All are bilingual and fluent in at least two languages. All are courteous, discreet and able to appropriately interact with international clients and VIPs with ease. And, of course, all will be impeccably presented in a smart uniform. 

The parking valet is ready and waiting to greet the client and will find a secure parking space for their vehicle. He is available for the duration of the event to retrieve the vehicle as soon as the guest is ready. Icar Services also offers a range of concierge, porter, security and doorman services. Services can be booked on a short or long-term basis and you will be assigned one valet to be your principle point of contact. 

Professionnal valets for Airports

Icar Services also offers professional valets that can help to assist clients travelling to and from any of Paris’ international airports. Our chauffeurs can help you to book flights, organise a reserved airport parking space for the duration of your trip, direct you to the airport lounge and more. If you are expecting international business clients, why not book one of our valets to meet your guests on arrival at the airport and to assist them when it’s time to drop off? Using Icar Services is guaranteed to impress executive clients and add a sense of prestige to the occasion. For more information and detailed quotes about the parking valet services offered by Icar Services, please get in touch and we will be delighted to assist you.