Icar Services can reserve parking space for your events (film shooting, trade event, parade, secured receptions). The reserved space will be used to park vehicles, technical material, and the management of people in complete safety.

Location scouting

We study the feasibility of the project and discuss with you the location scouted as well as the organization and layout of the site’s various areas: people drop-off and pick-up location, parking space for technical vehicles, dressing rooms, canteen/catering… As well as an estimation of the expected duration of the site’s reservation. 

Some areas being close to protected buildings (embassies, ministries, hospitals …) parking space will need to be reserved. The nature or the importance of some events also make it necessary to plan linear space in order to facilitate access or the smooth running of the event.


They are mandatory for any parking reservation on public roads. Icar Services looks after all administrative authorizations* to be requested from the Préfecture de Police, the Commissariat d’Arrondissement and the Mairie de Paris.

Bill posting

Our event preparation teams will take care of communication about the event by posting notices and signs informing the local residents and shopkeepers. Beforehand, notices will be placed on the windshields of the cars and vehicles that are parked on the site of the future event.

Guard and security service

On the eve of the event, at the latest, we set up the event management procedure with a security team and the marking out of the perimeter with dedicated equipment (Lubeck cones, barricades, tape, bollards). We can also provide valet parking and hosts/hostesses for your event.

* it’s a question of mandatory authorizations that require an inquiry period. In addition, taxes for the use of the road will have to be provided. 

Prices from 220 euros, excluding taxes.

Parking management for your special events

If you have a special event or a party which needs to go smoothly, Icar Services can help. We have the ability to reserve a parking space for the duration of the occasion, whether it’s overnight or a daytime event. We provide event parking services for all types of events, such as film shoots, corporate events, conferences or a secured reception. The reserved parking space will be used to safely park vehicles, technical material, and to help usher your people to and from the event in complete safety. No need to organise a parking permit or to spend hours researching possible parking facilities, Icar Services will take care of it for you, leaving you and your guests free to enjoy the event. 

Finding the right location

At Icar Services we believe the proper preparation is essential for the success of each and every event with which we are involved. With this in mind, we are prepared to thoroughly study the feasibility of your project and work closely with you to discuss the details of parking at the scouted location. Provide us with information about the organisation and layout of the event’s areas and we will research all the necessary logistics for your transportation services. These might include checking the people drop-off and pick-up location, ensuring that there is parking space for technical vehicles, checking that there is adequate parking for workers and deliveries involved in the event such as canteen and catering personnel. An estimation of the expected duration of the site’s reservation is also required. 

Some events, such as weddings held in a centrally located church, will inevitably be near to protected buildings, such as embassies, governmental buildings and hospitals and it will be necessary to reserve public parking spaces. The importance of some prestigious events means that it is often necessary to plan linear street parking space in order to facilitate accessibility or the smooth running of the event. If you are searching for parking lot management solutions for a large event such as a golf tournament or a marathon, we can certainly help. We understand how to make the best use of the spaces available and our valet services are ideal for guests who have perhaps spent a long day in the sun. 

Our experience in parking management for your events

Icar Services has extensive experience with planning prestigious corporate and personal events. We will offer the best parking solutions for your event. We have the ability to handle all the transportation aspects of your event, whether it is a party or a wedding, including shuttles to and from various event locations, to a team of fully trained parking attendants who are able to direct guests to the right parking lots in a professional and courteous manner. Our services ensure that your guests will never have to worry about parking facilities on what should be a memorable occasion. Icar Services are ready to cope with the challenge than any type of event can bring. Contact us today for more information about our event parking services and for a no-obligation quote.